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International Tax Advice

International Tax Advice

Our firm assists a large number of private clients with international tax issues. For instance, they may be resident but not domiciled in the UK, be arriving in or leaving the UK, or be UK residents who have investments or businesses abroad. We offer expert advice on all of the above aspects of international personal tax planning and compliance.

Taxation is a complex matter, and the difficulties are multiplied when you are dealing with multiple jurisdictions at the same time. It is possible that your journey to the UK involved other countries where you are still subject to tax obligations. To ensure that taxes are appropriately assessed, these may need to be reviewed in conjunction with your UK tax position. In addition, international tax treaties should be followed when utiliSing tax credits and reliefs. As the UK has tax treaties with most countries, you can be confident that your tax compliance needs will be met efficiently with our expertise in this area.

With a worldwide network of tax professionals, we are well equipped to provide expert advice on international matters to our clients.

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Residents of the United Kingdom who have international concerns

UK residents are required to self-assess their UK tax. Even though this may be relatively straightforward, owning an overseas asset or investment may complicate things. In some cases overseas income is subject to foreign taxes, but in other cases, the UK has the right to tax the income first. If you have paid foreign taxes, can you recover the full amount against your UK liabilities? This may be possible, but it is impossible to be certain without knowing the relevant tax treaty.

Leaving and Arriving in the United Kingdom

A major part of our expertise is in advising internationally-mobile individuals who are considering moving to or leaving the UK, as well as entrepreneurial individuals whose businesses are operated in the UK. We have extensive knowledge of UK tax legislation, especially in regards to non-UK domiciled individuals. We can advise you if you will qualify as a UK resident for tax purposes if you arrive or leave the UK. It might be beneficial to undertake restructuring before coming to the UK so that your tax position is improved. The sooner you seek advice, the greater the options you may have.

The Statutory Residence Test 

There is a Statutory Residence Test through which individuals can assess their residence status on leaving the UK or returning to the UK and in the subsequent three years.

A professional member of our team can guide you through completing this test, as well as in other areas of residence and domicile, including split year treatment, temporary non-residence, treaty non-residence, deemed domicile, and non-resident landlords. Speak to our experts in this field if you think your residence and domicile status might need to be considered.


Tax Compliance: UK tax legislation

The UK tax legislation and tax treaties with other countries must be followed when dealing with international tax issues.

There are many variables to consider, including earned and investment income, employment income and self-employment income, as well as overseas investments held both personally and in trust, such as pension funds.

With our assistance, you will be able to navigate the compliance maze and ensure a tax-effective route to achieving your financial objectives.  If you require assistance in preparing your UK tax returns, Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax returns (NRCGT) or obtaining Certificates of Residence, we would be happy to assist you.